Rocoto Move

Moving the Rocoto chilli to a new home, still on the sunny side of the house and closer to the front door.

Making way for some renovations hopefully.

Planted on top of some fresh bokashi compost so we’ll be curious to see how they make out.

I’m not yet sure when Rocoto are expected to flower again, we planted them late and are only just finishing the harvest of the first year’s wee few chilli.

Will pop these in the ground direct and see how they go.

Some seeds from the rocoto we’ll be drying this week and sowing into seed beds in the greenhouse from this weekend.

Very easy to move, shallowish roots so far – should reach out more this year.

Stakes and trellis I think on one side, grow the new ones on the other side – we’ll see how that pans out when we plant the fresh seedlings.

The new year might bring a batch of Sonia’s Hot Sauce – or are we calling it Orlando’s? Hmm… 🙂

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